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Ken Lazar - Principal, Ability Professional Network, LLC

If you want to become a better networker, then Chris' workshop is a must attend. The Professional Career Development Network paid for seven scholarships for our members who were in job transition to attend. All of our people gave us great reviews on the content. Great job, Chris!

Kenston Henderson - CEO, Live with Lyfe, LLC

I attended one of Chris's networking workshops because I needed clarity on how to offer my business solutions. I was able to get that help through the workshop and connect with other great and striving entrepreneurs. Very glad I attended. Chris is a true facilitator and leader.

Gary Monti - Change Management|Business Analysis|Project Management

By working with Chris Borja, a new positive dimension has been added to my abilities as an instructor, consultant, and business owner. By applying the principles that Chris teaches, the energy level and engagement in my workshops has increased dramatically! My networking skills have also improved by putting what he teaches into practice. His “Become a Better Networker” course, and the many networking events that Chris sponsors, has led to better marketing. There are times when an individual shows up who can really make a difference. Chris is one of those people.

Brian Wagner - Author, Speaker, Coach. Founder/CEO, A Radical Vision

I really didn't want to go to this networking event. There were so many other productive things that I could have been doing. Networking events are usually not much fun. However, Become a Better Networker with Chris Borja showed me how wrong I was about my preconceived notions. It was great and I've just email half the class to ask for private one-on-one meeting. Thanks Chris. You've blown my world a good way.

Annie Bauer - Founder, Certified High Performance Coach

Chris recently took time out of his busy schedule to so very graciously help me. I had one single question that was a total roadblock to getting me to the next step in networking and connecting with my ideal tribe. In 20 minutes, Chris had all the answers and led me to the exact place in one of his resources for additional help. Chris comes from a place of service and connection first . . . which you will find refreshing and sincere. Trust Chris to help you grow your network, build your platform, and be your LinkedIn networking expert. He knows exactly how to help.

Debra Mathias - CEO, Connect to Clients Consulting, LLC

I recently attended one of Chris's presentations on networking and it was truly a great informational session. Chris has a way of explaining and showing people how to network and why. But much more than that he gives you tools to make sure that your networking efforts are worth while.

Doug Dibert, Jr- Creator/Founder of Magnifi

I worked with Chris in his private LinkedIn training. My profile was in desperate need of some updating and TLC. Chris not only trained me on what I needed to do, we also talked strategy to really utilize the amazing tool that is LinkedIn. I highly recommend Chris’s one on one LinkedIn training. It’s worth the investment in your business. 

Darlene Kong - Entrepreneur, Homemaker

The networking training and practical application of the training that Chris offers is highly effective! Since attending two of Chris' networking events, I feel much more at ease in talking to people and learning how to actually build a relationship with people first! I experienced lots of "aha" moments during his meetings. I already feel more confident in approaching people for friendship and relationship...I even made friends with my neighbor who I had been wanting to talk to for months! Thanks Chris for providing a comfortable atmosphere to learn in!

Malachi Staples - Owner, Glasslogos, LLC Animation specialist

Chris did a great job with hosting the networking workshop! I really learned a lot. I thought I knew a thing or two about networking. I was so wrong!

Leslie Attwooll - Career Coach, Personal Development Consultant

I first met Chris at a local networking event. Anytime we have had a college event Chris has been an active participant, and has become a great partner. Where Chris really shines is when he speaks on the topic of networking. Chris does a great job of connecting with his audience and delivering relevant content. His low-key style is both engaging and compelling. For those who are the least bit apprehensive about taking their career to the next level through networking, Chris offers great insight in making it both easy and attainable. It's great to work with him.

Kimberly McFadden - Owner, MiKiMart

Spent this morning 9/17/16 at a speed networking event learning from Chris. My goal was to meet some new people, expand my network and learn at least one tip to help me grow my business. I actually learned several tips. Now time to practice and refine those tips. Anyone that wants to expand their network should take this class. Thank you Chris for your passion and commitment to helping people become a better networker.

Joseph Testa - CEO, Joseph Testa Productions

I attended Speed Networking seminar put on by Chris. This is the 2nd seminar of his I have attended. Like the first, this was awesome. His teaching techniques on why we're not good networkers and how we can become better was beyond what I could have imagined. His knowledge. insight and willingness to teach others is worth every penny and more. I highly recommend you attend his whole series of networking events: Introduction, Speed Networking and the 2 day Boot Camp (which is the next I plan to attend). you can't go wrong spending time with Chris at Become a Better Networker events.

Diane Mayer - Small Business Owner

Chris is a skilled facilitator and does a great job helping entrepreneurs and small business owners improve their networking skills. He makes his events fun by getting everyone to talk with each other and truly listen to the other person in order to build relationships. That's the foundation of building business!

Barb Willis - Wellness Advocate

The training "Become a Better Networker 101" on January 20th, 2016 was more that I expected. It was the best use of my time that night. When I first heard it was 3 hours, I was hesitant. The three hours went by so fast and it was a positive, bright, invigorating evening. We got to know most of the people in the room without being uncomfortable! Thanks so much, Chris.

Jack Hutchinson - President at Business Builders

Chris donated his time to students in the Business Builders Club at Ohio State University several weeks ago. He organized and presented an intro to networking workshop to 50+ budding entrepreneurs. His energy and passion instilled a high level of confidence in everyone that participated. If you are looking to build a more confident group, learn effective networking tactics, and leverage interpersonal skills, Chris is the guru to connect with!

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