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3 Things To Know Before You Host Your First Virtual Event

Virtual events have exploded in popularity in the past year. Their sheer flexibility makes them highly useful tools for organizations of all sizes.

First -- a little background: A virtual event can be anything from a small online meeting in your living room to a multinational webinar attended by hundreds of people. What these two ends of the spectrum have in common is the ability to create an interactive and engaging experience no matter where your audience is seated.

Here’s what to know:

1. Take a moment before you begin planning to decide what it is you really want to convey to your audience. In other words, what is the primary purpose of the meeting? What outcome do you seek?

2. Then begin planning with the intent to guide your audience, directing them where you want to take them, using powerful presentations, interaction, real-time chats, and/or follow ups to their actual questions.

3. Research the platforms available to you. There are dozens -- from Zoom to WebEx, Microsoft Team, to a number of others with very specific features and benefits. Now that you have mapped out the purpose of your meeting and your approach, you’ll be ideally poised to choose the right platform for your needs.

Ready? Jump in!

Sure, doing anything new can be intimidating, particularly when it involves using unfamiliar technology. The good news is that hosting a team meeting, networking event, training, interview, seminar, workshop, or even a fundraising event doesn’t have to be elaborate or complicated.

In fact, you don’t even have to be good at technology to be a skillful host!

Ready to go virtual for your next event but need some support?

We’re happy to show you how to make the process easier and the event better than you ever thought possible -- whether you end up using our service, or not. (Really! No pressure. Just info. We promise.)

(CLICK HERE) to set up a live complimentary virtual meeting to better understand how to make your first event a success! set up a live complimentary virtual meeting to better understand how to make your first event a success!

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