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- Chris Borja, Founder 



NEW! VIRTUAL Networking Events

Coronavirus got you on lockdown?


Looking to meet local business leaders in a fun, comfortable, and welcoming online environment? 


Checkout this amazing NEW platform to connect online that simulates being at a LIVE event!

LinkedIn Essentials Online Course

  • Step-By-Step video guide, is like having me personally coach you through each section, including questions you didn't know you should ask!

  • Easy to follow modules, allow you to go directly to the sections where you need help, saving you valuable time!

  • No more frustration with trying to navigate LinkedIn on your own. Wouldn't it feel great to be done, and have your new and improved profile do the "selling" for you?

  • Learn proven systems to build genuine relationships with your ideal connections, WITHOUT wasting time and money chasing prospects every month!


Click on the image to learn more!

Speaking and Keynotes

All organizers know that the success of their events can rise or fall as a result of their keynote speaker. While inspirational speeches are good, transformational speeches are much better! Transformational speeches have lasting effects, well beyond the energy and excitement of the event. Click below for topics and pricing. 

Group Workshops

Why teach networking? Sending untrained team members or representatives to "Get out there and meet new people,"can cause more harm than good. It oftentimes results in poor branding, lost time, and wasted money! It can also result in growing frustration, and costly turnover. 


While everyone knows that there are many benefits to networking, very few were ever trained on HOW to properly network. In fact, networking is something that goes against our mental programming from early child hood like, "Don't talk to strangers." And now, you expect them to talk to strangers! From the shy introvert to the talkative extrovert, learning and experiencing proper networking, will pay dividends for themselves, and the organizations they represent.

Private Coaching

Ready for a change, but need some help getting there? Feeling overwhelmed? Need clarity? Self-confidence taken a hit? Need to new gameplan and someone to hold you accountable? 


Learn more about Private Coaching, here...

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While originally from Southern California, I've called Columbus, Ohio my home for the last 10 years. I've been married for 22 years, and have a son and daughter in college.


Professionally, I have been an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember! The problem, was that I was always very introverted and shy. Not good for building a business! 

After 37 years of suffering in silence (literally), I made a decision to take the steps to overcome my fear of public speaking, networking, and social settings.


I now help entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and business leaders to breakthrough their challenges, and expand their reach by teaching them how to Become a Better Networker!

Learn more about me here...

Enjoy the site! 


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