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I enjoy helping clients learn from my 29 years of business experience. I have a unique coaching style to where my clients feel an immediate connection. Transparently sharing my own challenges, hardships, successes, and failures, is something that allows them to feel comfortable sharing their deepest challenges, as though they are talking with a friend. From there, we simply engage in real and natural conversation! This allows me to help them identify why they are where they are at currently, help them overcome their challenges, and help them get results quickly!

If you are looking for a passionate, sincere, and effective coach to help you and your team to breakthrough their current challenges, I will deliver results from the very first session. Want to hear from a just a small sample of my happy clients? Check out the TESTIMONIAL section!

I have a BIG vision of helping 1,000,000 people to become a better networker by overcoming their fears, increasing their influence, and impacting their local communities! By changing communities, we can change the world!


I am currently writing a book titled, "Become a Better Networker," which is geared towards the business community. It is scheduled for launch in Summer 2020, so stay-tuned by subscribing to my MAILING LIST!


The CONNECTED LIFE MOVEMENT I started will make networking "main-stream," and transform the way we all enjoy our relationships, and our lives in community with one another.

Explore and learn more about me and my SERVICES, meet me at one of the upcoming EVENTS! Then, make sure you CONTACT me, or BOOK NOW to start the conversation. 

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Chris Borja

Dublin Entrepreneurial Center

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