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Speaking and Keynote Services


You need a speaker.

It's a big event, and you want to make a lasting impact for your organization.

You want your group to be impacted for weeks, months, and years after the event has passed.

You want someone to immediately engage your audience.


Someone to challenge them. Inspire them. Teach them. Transform them.

You want a speaker who has been through hardship and overcome it.


Someone who can speak from experience.


Someone who speaks from the heart.


Someone who will immediately relate to each individual in your group, and draw them in, to connect with their own story. 

I was a severe introvert and extremely shy for the first 37 years of my life. I enjoy sharing my journey from fearful and timid, to becoming a trainer and community connector. Someone who has been impacting thousand of lives, every year since.

It's interesting how frequently life throws challenges at us. When we look back with 20/20 hindsight, we realize how that rough path made us stronger.

My presentations are highly impactful because of a strong message weaved into the real-life examples that most people will relate to.

Everyone loves a feel-good story. 

My goal is to help people to feel good about themselves, and see themselves as the victor.

Am I the right speaker for your event?

Let's schedule a call to discuss your particular needs, and see if we can make some good things happen together.

Some of the topics I speak on:

  • Overcoming Fear

  • Developing a Healthy Networking Mindset

  • The Psychology of Proper Networking

  • Playing Team When We're All Different

  • Increased Results from Understanding Other Perspectives

  • Networking Fundamentals for Success

  • Relationship-building in the workplace

  • Strategically Increasing Sales Through Warm Referrals


(Price will vary based on the size of group, programming, travel, accommodations, and special requests.)

Complete the form below to start the conversation. 

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