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Connected Networker Bootcamp - LIVE

Installment plan:

$99/month for 6 months

One-time payment:


Connected Networker Bootcamp $499


Everyone knows that networking is important, but most never learned HOW to properly do it! 

Here are some of the most common fears that most people face when it comes to networking. 

  1. Not knowing what to say to start the conversation.

  2. Unsure of how to get past the "small-talk."

  3. How to introduce themselves without coming across as too "salesy."

  4. Worried about wasting valuable time with the wrong people.

  5. Not getting results.

This transformational and action-packed 4-week business networking bootcamp will help you overcome your fears, increase your influence, and get results!

See Lisa's experience here.













Here's why I created this course:


As a "shy" introvert for the first 37 years of my life, I struggled when it came to building my business.


I didn't want to bug everyone around me with the "3-foot rule," interrupt people by going door to door, or waste money on buying "hot-prospect" lists, followed by endless cold-calling. 


But, outside of these demoralizing and outdated techniques, I didn't know how to extend my reach, and get my message into the marketplace.

Our society has become extremely busy, making people dislike  "interruption marketing." Those old techniques simply don't work like they used to! 


After attending my first networking event, I found a way to grow a business through warm referrals!


The initial problem, was that I had no clue of what to do, and I was intimidated by these events!


After years of studying, observing, trial, and error, I had finally overcome my fears and lack of knowledge! I figured it out!


I went from avoiding all kinds of social settings, to helping thousands of entrepreneurs, job-seekers, and business leaders to become a better networker by using a very simple, yet proven formula.

What's the simple formula? 

It's the M.A.A.P. to unlock your potential, and achieve your goals through networking.

Here's what the M.A.A.P. formula entails.

Mindset + Activity (In person) + Activity (Online) 

= Positive outcome


By the end of this course, you will:


  • Have the right mindset to instantly overcome your fears! 

  • Have the exact words to start new conversations, develop deeper conversations, and introduce yourself in a confident way that will lead to improved results!

  • Know how to use in-person/online strategies and tools to never run out of quality people to talk to!

  • Learn how to stay top of mind without spamming people.

  • Get results that pay ongoing dividends!

Here's a testimonial that a recent Connected Networker Bootcamp graduate left on my LinkedIn page:










Do you NEED to take this bootcamp? 


Of course not! There are many alternatives.

  • You can purchase books on networking like I did. 

  • You can watch videos on YouTube like I did.

  • You can learn from asking others how they learned to network. Like I did. 

  • You can learn from carefully observing how successful people get results from networking at live events, on social media platforms, and by staying top of mind. Like I did... For years!

In the business world, we all know that time is money, and YOUR time is valuable. 


Imagine short-cutting your learning curve, and instead of spending years learning the art and science of business networking like I did, you could get it all in just 4 weeks!  


The Curriculum


Module #1: Clarity – Who do I serve?

  • Clear out the confusion…

  • Get clarity on your purpose, your talents, and the value you bring to the marketplace

  • Identify your target market and networking paths to your goals


Module #2: Communication – What do I say?

  • No more fumbling for words, or “canned” introductions…

  • Create a “modular” elevator speech immediately connects with your audience

  • Practice with peers to master communicating your message with confidence


Module #3   Connection – Expand your network in-person

  • Never run out of people to talk to…

  • Overcome your anxiety, by learning the skills to thrive at networking and social events

Module #4  Connection - Expand your network online

  • Get a “behind the scenes” look at social media strategies,

  • Build solid relationships

  • Turning online connections into referral sources and clients


Module #5   Conversion – How do I benefit?

  • Do well by doing good!

  • Become more influential, impact your community, and increase your income through serving others

  • Learn the proven systems and tools that will increase your business, and improve your lifestyle


How much is the Bootcamp?


The value of this package is well over $5,000! 

Your one-time investment to join the Connected Networker Bootcamp, is only $499! The price will be going up to $999 in 2019! 

Is it worth it?

Here are three points to ponder:


  1. What is the lifetime income you would generate from a new client?

  2. What would it be worth, to have a referral partner who keeps your phone ringing with new clients?

  3. On the other hand, how much would it cost you, to lose potential clients or referral partners, because you didn't have the knowledge and skills to seize the opportunity when you had the chance?

Additional Bonuses:

  1. Certificate of Completion and recognition on my social media pages with your bio and website link to over 10,000+ connections! (Value: Priceless)

  2. Lifetime access to me, and like-minded networkers, through our new Facebook Group, The Connected Networker Tribe! (Value: Priceless)

Think of yourself as more of an introvert? See Kyle's experience here:











More Testimonials:


“I took the Networking Bootcamp led by Chris. It was a great experience; invaluable information! I liked that it was a small class, so that we could get one-on-one help from Chris. I recommend this Networking Bootcamp to anyone who is new to networking, or anyone who wants to fine tune their present skills!”

- Kimberly C.


"I attended the Business Networking Bootcamp. Chris has a natural way of making hard concepts not only easy to understand, but easy to apply with a lot of great working examples. I am excited to use my new gained knowledge of networking as I build my small business with a better perspective and understanding of what I am trying to accomplish. Thank you Chris!"

– Lee L.

“Chris is an excellent communicator. His explanations on the importance of networking for the growth of my business and his help going through all the available options to see which would be most helpful to me was incredibly beneficial. His expertise has saved me so much time and frustration. I recommend Chris` networking boot camp to any business owner or professional who is looking to increase their circle of influence.”

– Rebecca H.


Class size is very limited, so if you are ready to overcome your fear, increase your influence, and improve your results by becoming a better networker, now is the time!

Here are the details:

Mondays from 5:30pm- 8:30pm (Select class dates in the enrollment form below)



The Dublin Entrepreneurial Center (DEC), 565 Metro Place S Suite #300, Dublin, OH 43017

“It’s in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” – Tony Robbins

To register, complete the enrollment form and payment.

Once received, I'll send you a confirmation email to welcome you to the Bootcamp!

* 60 day money back guarantee with completed attendance and assignments.

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